Frylock: Santa’s coming this evening Meatwad, therefore i actually need your Xmas record- Meatwad: Here

Frylock: …assuming you’ve been an excellent boy this year, you may simply get this to…so it L-shaped point. Meatwad: No, come across, exactly what that is, are a hair dryer. Frylock: You desire a hand blower? Meatwad: Yeah. Frylock: For just what? You don’t need to one- Meatwad: Keep reading, near the hand blower. Frylock: This-this really is good squiggle. Meatwad: No, that is locks. You read it backwards, fool. Thus wade get it. Carl: Oh, man. I can not wait. I had new petroleum, the candle lights, this new functions! Learn Shake: Carl, cannot relate to their given that an effective “babe”, delight. She’s a beneficial Chechnyan prostitute, and target their unique therefore.

Carl: Search, only cannot cash one to view instantaneously. I wish to make certain that we both marryin’ their is likely to be, you are sure that, legal. Learn Move: Definitely it is! Preciselywhat are you joking me personally? Father christmas is not court and you will he or she is around. Carl: Well, I suppose that produces feel, you know. Learn Shake: Search merry, dammit! Where Would be the Really Presents? Frylock: It’s cuatro:00 throughout the mid-day Meatwad, one wasn’t Santa. Meatwad: Well, you understand, maybe Santa’s merely gettin’ a jump start on the something this present year. That’s China’s blame. Frylock: Where do you really make this guidance? Meatwad: Regis. Learn Move: I’m able to would some things at the same time, chubby. Carl: Zero, ya can not! Grasp Move: [studying a paper in order to themselves] Huey Lewis and make a comeback!

Whenever really does you to hottie get here?

I think I want some assistance right here! Grasp Shake: Yeah, I know you will do. Master Move: Really, indeed there is not likely to be no restaurants this present year. Frylock: How about their girlfriend. I imagined she is actually gonna create. Master Move: “Co-fiancee. Frylock: “Co-“? Grasp Shake: Yeah, you are sure that, I will split their with Carl. Therefore they are “co-holder. Master Move: Sure, thank-you, I do believe she sees you to definitely quality from inside the me personally. However, you to damn Carl is indeed Selfish. Meatwad: Carl is recall the reason for the season. Learn Shake: The reason behind the season is pleasin and i is not gettin far pleasin and you may Carl ideal get his butt toward program. Carl: site ici Score in what program, Glass? Carl: Hello fry-man, do you think I am able to move you to become more here and you will uh, blow good frickin’ gap during my wall?

Meatwad: Shoo, one to sure try a sleep I got

Frylock: What is actually completely wrong, Carl? Carl: Well, for starters, this woman is barricaded herself in. And each day she talks to me personally, it’s contained in this, such as, language. It’s eg certain demon screaming in the me personally, or something like that! Schoolly D: Santa claus got barbeque sauce in the drawers. Carl: Ok, I am awake. Why don’t we, uh, friggin wade marry. Meatwad: Oh An effective! Grasp Move: Yeah, brotha! Carl: Let us marry, yeah! Carl: Look, just state Smith or Jones or something. Frylock: Svetlana Smith just take Carl. Carl: Simply state Smith again, it try not to count. Frylock: . Smith getting your own lawfully wedded husband. Master Shake: Hi, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Frylock: . Learn Move: Support! Rewind! Frylock: . Master Shake: Which is similar to they. Frylock: to get your lawfully wedded husbands if you three should real time.

Svetlana: [talking Russian, from inside Carl’s home] Carl: Ok, yeah! Grasp Move: Ok, get! Carl: Sweet nectar! Frylock: Okay, now shove this new ring within the doorway. Grasp Move: No, we are really not starting the fresh band, I am not saying gettin’ roped to the all that. Frylock: How will you n’t have a ring? Master Move: No, they concludes right here. We have not viewed dining immediately following due to the fact she actually is found right up. Carl: He or she is correct, let’s do this material – white that it candle. Frylock: From the strength invested in me because of the county of new Jersey We today pronounce your guys and you will spouse. You may also today hug the door. Grasp Move: Strike it discover Frylock. Carl: Get it done! Svetlana: [speaking Russian; escapes] Carl: Svetlana, baby? Learn Shake: Great! Great! Carl: Oh People! She got the vehicle.