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Aplos has everything you need in one place for streamlined nonprofit and church management. Sync the app with all your devices and collaborate with your team. Our bookkeepers can prepare your annual federal and state taxes for your HOA for an additional fee. Imagine the peace of mind your board members will feel having people on their team who have seen it all before and are willing to walk them through it. A delinquency report will include HOA residents with unpaid, overdue fees. It can also keep a record of any other institution that owes money to your client’s HOA.

As with most things regarding HOA financial statements, it depends on state laws and community bylaws. For starters, if there is consistent record keeping, association directors can look back on previous financial years to identify patterns that could affect the current budget and adjust accordingly. If detailed records are not kept, it can be near-impossible to keep track of delinquent dues or know how much money is available to budget for community maintenance and new projects. Straying from the regular schedule only causes issues between the board members and homeowners. When dealing with financial information, it is best to be open and honest in as much detail as is appropriate. Large associations with many accounts or complex budgets often choose to prepare statements every year.

Basic HOA Accounting: A Guide For HOA Board Members

Therefore, you should practice proper accounting and financial management to ensure your HOA remains in good financial condition. If you find it too much of a struggle trying to manage your homeowners association’s finances on your own, it may be time to outsource those services. Nothing beats the convenience and expertise you have access to when you trust your HOA’s or condo’s bookkeeping/accounting to Community Financials.

  • Let HOA Accounting help you save time and keep your receivables balances low while maintaining civil code compliance for association accounting in your state.
  • As it contains a lot of details, the general ledger will give you an overview of your association’s finances.
  • Bookkeeping for HOAs presents different challenges because it involves multiple people and shared interests.
  • Sentry told Inostroza by email that because his account was in collections, it could not answer any of his questions, only the attorney handling the claim.
  • The HOA board has a responsibility to protect the association’s assets and manage its finances.

Allow us to take financial management off your plate so you can focus on the many other aspects of running a self-managed HOA, as well as your life. As a board member you have a fiduciary responsibility to exercise due care and diligence when overseeing the community and its funds. The following four hoa accounting condo / HOA financial reports are vital tools for protection of association assets, control and planning. The Balance Sheet is also where you can find the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable statements. The Accounts Payable is a statement that lists all the unpaid expenses of the association.

Tools and Solutions for HOA Board Members

When you hear the word “audit,” most people immediately think of the IRS. But an audit isn’t always initiated because of taxes and it isn’t always a huge headache. In fact, an annual audit can ensure an HOA is in good financial standing for years to come.

Financial management allows you to have happy residents and a stable community. You can connect this accounting software for HOA managers to the association’s main account to keep track of expenses and deposits, so you have the information you need at tax time. It also automatically creates invoices from estimates and sends reminders when your residents forget to pay their dues. Once you understand the unique features of each bookkeeping method mentioned above, the real work begins. Use HOA accounting software like CINC Systems to start managing your client’s accounts. Dedicate just 20 or 30 minutes a day and you will understand how to monitor the money going in and going out of the homeowners association.

What Is HOA Bookkeeping?

Though it will be an added expense for the community, the benefits far outweigh the costs—especially since not sorting out finances can lead to a lot of trouble for the association. Here’s how an HOA bookkeeping service can help protect your finances. PayHOA is the single portal where you can connect directly with the needs of your homeowners. Your residents can use PayHOA to make online payments, view their payment history and important documents, submit requests, and access important updates, streamlining management for your whole community.

Save time, stop issues at the root, and transition from one year to the next seamlessly with PayHOA’s bookkeeping service. Even for volunteers with extensive accounting experience, HOA bookkeeping has unique requirements and offers different challenges. With our combined experience of over 50 years in management, we have truly seen it all, which is why we’ve launched a bookkeeping service in addition to our existing solutions. Whether managing your books, keeping you prepared for audits and tax time, or even preparing your organization’s tax return, we’ve got you covered. These remote financial management and administrative services handle over 55% of the work of operating a community, so you can rest easy knowing that your HOA or Condo community is taken care of.

These records need to be diligently maintained to live up to the expectations of members of the association. Our online bill approval system requires two Board members (with their unique login) to review all invoices and approve them prior to payment. By overcoming the top 5 issues that self-managed communities encounter you can have a great experience that meets or exceeds that of communities that pay for full management at a fraction of the cost.

All your information is stored in the FreshBooks Cloud and protected by top-of-the-line security. This means you can access your company’s data from any device at any time. Contact us today to set up an exploratory call with our Accounting Department and retake control of your finances, maintain your association’s stability, and free your volunteers’ time. This way, your HOA board can stay on top of the finances and make informed decisions, without being bogged down by accounting tasks.