Radek gave her a glimpse, and she looked down

from the side of the country, by james walkswithwind. zelenka, gen. place pre-s1, into the antarctica. “You might be the only one he enjoys!” Dr. Galchev extra, status at the rear of Dr. “Really, the guy doesn’t *hate* you.” Radek leftover looking at their own, until finally she gave when you look at the and said, “You’re the only one he will talk to for over five minutes.”

fair exchange, by jane davitt. sheppard/mckay, pg, humour. an incredibly short ficlet, generally conversation, that could nearly been right out of the inform you. as well as have, most funny.

detoxification, by jane st clair. mckay & zelenka gen having a debatable tinge of slash, put post-siege somewhere, in the event that researchers need certainly to detoxification using their stimulants. comedy, and many nice backstory.

we formulated the net: email address by the jane st clair. zero pairing (but can end up being sh/weir for those who squint). humour; quick. We carry it right back.

Have sex having anybody who you want

academic (1, 2), because of the jenn. sheppard/mckayish but very subtle, g. sheppard pov, s2, towards a war amongst the the army employees and the researchers. sheppard’s sound is really linear, matter-of-reality and you can style of terse and you can sorts of understated. including, it’s nicely plotted and styled and it is slightly comedy.

such as for example running right through drinking water step 1 & dos, by jenn. sheppard/mckay–approximately half place in s1 airplane pilot and you may 50 % of within an enthusiastic unnamed invest s2, sheppard pov. sweet, rambly, introspective, with many nice even though usually not room-on conversation.

sleeper (1, 2, 3), from the jenn. post-siege iii, spoilers. mckay pov, gen with sheppard/mckayish tips. this new mckay pov is really, great–and it’s ebony, suppressedly cranky and a tiny angsty, and all of throughout the sheppard unofficially shedding it more particular events during the the brand new siege iii.

telepathic seafood, because of the jessant. sheppard/mckayish, pg. this will be a very brief, unusual nothing tale you to definitely switches povs and you will informs an entire battle-with-ancient-tech story very, really concisely. but i’m able to picture it, while i considered they, coincidentally fascinating.


frozen dessert as well as the ways of lying, from the jm torres. sheppard/mckay, pg. mckay pov, humour, relatively small. “Oh, get real, ‘mixed company’ cannot apply whenever she can stop the ass out-of right here so you can World and you will back,” told you Sheppard.

telephone call, by the julad, sheppard/mckay, pg. this will be a web based poker ficlet and you can, despite being the most adorable point i have seen in the days, not in the minimum of reputation. quite quick, deft, entertaining, light, and you will enjoyable.

the great tot, by julad. ford/ofc, pg. ford really wants to feel a child. the guy times a marine biologist. quick and type out-of adorable and you may–this new ofc can be so chill. seafood, geeks, ford pov–and really sweet ford voice as well.

heavier than just liquids, from the julad. sheppard/mckay, nc-17, post-s1, mainly based. this is a story about the first travels back to planet, and john upcoming with each other to check out rodney’s loved ones–and you will in the each other their loved ones, generally. it is enough time and you can wonderful, edging on schmoop but all the very well healthy–very rewarding and you may warmfuzzy and you will enjoyable to read.

the key lifetime of researchers by the julad. mckay/zelenka, r. wise mckay pov, covers the complete s1 and you may comes to an end after it. witty, laden with high patch and you can dialogue and you may fresh inventions that fit effortlessly on universe. the new relationship try pretty, amusing and you will refined, and takes up seemingly absolutely nothing of your own plot.

back-up package, by kageygirl. sheppard/mckay, pg. brief, funny, lovely, higher level ficlet which type of mushes together aliens-made-them-do-it and you will alien-harvest-festival and turns all of them inside out. mckay pov. most charming.

beta viewer like date, because of the kageygirl, could use a much better name. what i’m saying is, i get this new motif in there and you may i am aware their particular betas liked they, however, that type of identity makes myself fear meta. zero meta here, just a cute and you will sweet mckay-pov ficlet, sheppard/mckay, which have mathematics!sheppard once again. which, you know, having the ability to ince Rumence diЕџi do mathematics *is* most hot. oh, and this refers to pg and type regarding pre-slash.